Detail Work


Maintain the life of your boat

Our customers are our number one priority. We want you to enjoy your boat for as long as possible. Detailing helps stretch the life of your boat.

detail your boat

Should you detail your boat?

In a nutshell, detailing protects your boat's exterior. Sealing the fiberglass of your boat extends the life by preventing oxidation that leads to cracks. When your hull or topside is not sealed, moisture can get under the surface. The results of this moisture can be de-lamination and soft spots.

The same is true for your interior vinyl and leather. If you seal it, you can avoid cracking and fading. Regular maintenance of interior surfaces means you won't have to have your seats recovered sooner than later. Plus, detailing makes your boat shine from end to end.

We handle a variety of detail work:

  • Restore gel coat (depends on damage)
  • Wax to protect and seal exterior finish
  • UV protection applied to all vinyl and leather
  • Chrome surfaces polished
  • Interior vacuumed
  • Mildew treatment applied
  • Clean carpets