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Yearly boat maintenance

Bring your boat in for maintenance at Schmidt Boat Repair Inc. We do the work, and you get to enjoy your time on the lake.

Recommended maintenance services

Do you want to extend the life of your motor? We recommend tuning your inboard or outboard motor at least once a year. Plan to have your motor looked at so you can be assured of its reliability when you're on the water.

Maintenance (1)

We also recommend these maintenance services:

  • Lubricate lower-unit
  • Replacement nuts and bolts as required
  • Grease as needed
  • Replacement spark plugs
  • Replacement fuel filter element
  • Fresh fuel and oil

Our experienced service staff can answer any questions you have regarding maintenance for your boat. We keep a large stock of parts available, so you don't have to wait any longer for your boat to be ready for use.

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Maintenance (2)